Rio (pt.2) – Sights to See

As much as I consider myself a professional beach bum, sightseeing in Rio is a must.
Escadaria Selaron

Rio’s world famous steps. They’ve been a work in progress for the last 20 years and just like Cristo, its almost impossible to get a photo without someone else coming out in it. Most people like taking photos at the bottom of the steps where the tiles spell out “escadaria selaron” however, if you climb to the top you’ll find it WAY easier to get a photo without random arms and legs in the background. As you make your way up these bright red steps, you’ll notice tiles from all over the world with different flags and symbols. Pretty neat stuff.

What it really looks like trying to take a photo here….The bottom shot was our best attempt. Don’t be afraid of being aggressive if you want to get a shot with the least amount of people. You’re a tourist, and so is everybody else, so it’s all good. Met some adorable little cariocas that live in the neighborhood.  Que fofos!! (So cute in Portuguese)

Jardim Botanico

This is the famous botanical garden of Rio and every girls dream come true when it comes to insta pics. The most famous part of the garden are the palms that line the paths. I’m from Miami and I sound ridiculous for talking about palm trees having them on every corner at home, but these are WAY taller than any palm I’ve ever seen. I imagine a coconut falling on somebody from that height ain’t a pretty sight. Apart from freakishly tall palm trees, you’ll see monkeys and on a clear day you can spot the Christ at the top of Corcovado.

Pictured below are my fellow garden gals! (Omo, me, Mollie, and Sarah)
Cristo making an appearance When you’re as tall as a root…

Sugarloaf Mountain

Sugarloaf or Pao de Azucar is another prime viewpoint. Most people take the cable car all the way to the top, and there’s also the option of hiking the first mountain but thats it. Mollie and I are usually all about the hike but we figured the views would be better suspended in the air. We went up on a clear afternoon hoping we’d catch a killer sunset but I guess some clouds wanted in on the action, so they started rolling in too. No matter the slightly cloudy conditions, the view was still a sight for sore eyes.

Still trying to catch up with writing and photos. There is still more to come (our hike up Corcovado and Dois Irmaos). Hope you’re enjoying it as much as me!!!


Laura 🙂

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