Bora ao Brasil? 

We departed yesterday afternoon from MIA, had 2 layovers in Colombia, and expected to land in Rio bright and early at 6am local time. While we wait for the Rio flight to start boarding, one of the gate agents makes an announcement saying anyone who is willing to give up their seat will be compensated $255 plus hotel/transport, and a ticket for the following day…. After a minute of contemplation, we made our way to the counter. Next thing you know we’re shuttled to a nearby 5 star hotel with dinner all set. We woke up to a complimentary buffet breakfast and made our way to town, checked out Plaza Bolivar and “la Candelaria”, and am now writing this from the hotel room, with an arepa in hand. Leave it to me to follow through with a plan.

Thoughts on Bogota:

  • -the city is HUGE (roughly 12 MILLION people, according to our taxi driver)
  • -it gets pretty chilly (especially when you’re packing for Brazilian beach weather)
  • -arepa vendors are NOT on every corner
  • -montserrate is a must go-to scenic spot (glad I learned this at the last possible minute….)
  • -public transport is $1! So take advantage
  • -everyone says “a la orden”
  • -the locals are great (at least the ones we chatted with. We now have a Tia Vilma who will let us stay with her whenever we need it)

Tonight is our flight to Rio and may the good vibes keep coming.

Mollie (my best friend/travel sidekick/and overall badass) will be joining me to Brazil!!! Ive know this fabulous chica since kindergarten, and I dont know what it is, but when the universe puts us in the same room together, we put Thelma and Louise to shame (Except the murdering part). We are 2 high-energy gals driven by adventure and in love with travel and I’m beyond stoked we’re finally able to join forces abroad!!

We both signed up to be volunteers at the olympics 2 years ago and are now finally making it to Rio! Being the first olympic games hosted in a South American city, it’s awesome to be a part of history in the making. HOWEVER, a lot of people are calling these games what might be the worst and poorly planned olympics ever, SWEET! Not only are mosquitos spreading zika love all over the country, but there’s a deep economic recession, tons of political corruption, a presidential impeachment pending, angry brazillians, and rio’s “2nd most dangerous city in the world” title. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE, AM I RIGHT??

Impeccable timing really.

In any case, there is some light at the end of the tunnel (kinda). Because Rio lies in the southern hemisphere, it’s winter, and mosquitos aren’t buzzing at all hours of the day. But just in case, Mollie brought 4 bottles of the top rated mosquito repellant on the market, so we’re armed and ready for battle.

This was just a quick update and I’ll definitely be writing more once I’m all settled in and after I hit Ipanema beach. The best is yet to come!!

With love,

Laura 🙂

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